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There's a reason Sturgill Simpson has credited us "the best studio" in Nashville.  It's a place like no other.

Gear List

Studio Equipment:

Console- Trident 80B

Pro Tools HD Native

Avid HDX

Pre-amps- Neve 1073, UA 610, John Hardy M1, API
MCI JH-110 Two-Track 1/4"

MCI JH-16 24 Track 2"
Lawson Plate Reverb
Studer Analog Tape Delay
Lexicon 480 L Reverb

Studio Monitor System:

Urei 811
White Instrument Eq’s
Spectrasonic 714 Amplifier
Bagend Sub Woofer

Dynaudio Acoustics M1.5

Vintage Neumanns

(M49B, U87, KM84)
Vintage AKGs
Royer 122s
Array of other dynamics

Yamaha C3 Baby Grand
B3 Hammond Organ
Rhodes Electric Piano
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Mellotron M4000D

Guitar Amps:
Magnatone Panoramic Stereo
Fender Bassman

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